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Stress Management Part 1

I haven’t always been laid back and relaxed.  I actually still get pretty intense sometimes.  The difference is, I can usually Stay Composed when it counts.  I have learned many things over the years that have helped me manage and conquer stress even when I feel like running my head through the wall just to release the tension!  I think today’s post is very relevant because today is my 29th Birthday and while some people get stressed out as they approach 30, I am enjoying every minute of aging as I become wiser.

I have already laid the groundwork in previous posts and here I will elaborate and expand on those points.  I want to share these tips with you so you can Stay Composed when it counts in your own life.  It is a beautiful thing when you are in a situation where everyone is freaking out and you breeze through it under control and come to a solution.  A great post by @FairieMoonChild on twitter was “Why panic when you can be calm?” – Powerful stuff.

If I am repeating myself in any way on some points it is because that is how you learn.  Understanding is bred from repetition.

Polish Your Attitude. – Negative Thoughts, Words and Actions are radioactive….literally.  The energy you project  affects you and everyone around you.  Complainers breed complainers and are usually the ones always saying “Ohhhh, I’m soooo stressed out!”.  The whole Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering concept brought to us by the Powerful Yoda wasn’t just a sweet line in a movie.  Watch the Masaru Emoto movie again in my last post and really ponder on this.  Search deep inside and please for the Love of Peace on Earth maintain a positive attitude as often as you can.  Yes, I understand, when shit goes sideways it’s challenging to stay positive but at a bare minimum keep it to yourself or only share with someone who is not going to indulge you.  Next time you feel like whining watch this video…BAHAHA.  I love it!…I am laughing right now watching it.

Breath Slow and Deep – I pretty much covered all I need to on this in “Foundational Factor to High Performance”.  There are not many rules or guidelines to meditation and prayer but becoming conscious of your breathing will certainly improve the productivity of both.

Stay Hydrated – ALL DAY.  Your body needs to be constantly circulating and dismissing fluids to flush toxins.  Watch this video by Roger Bezanis,

Stay Grounded – If you haven’t tried this out then give it a shot and remember how good it feels.  Then do it as often as possible.  Barefoot, Barefoot, Barefoot.  It feels so good.  Not to mention the reflexology is money when you get the grass between your toes.  I also highly recommend going out and getting a pair of Vibram Five Fingers…they will change your life – ask anyone who has a pair.  Although wearing these shoes will not promote grounding, they will stimulate different parts of the body due to reflexology.

Improve your Flexibility…DAILY!  If you do Yoga, Great.  Keep it Up!…And its not just for girls in tight yoga pants ;).  Flexibility will lead to greater performance in every sport.  Stretching will also stimulate blood flow helping your body to detox.  Coach Gambetta was quoted as saying that Flexibility is improved and lost Daily so be consistent.

Increase your intake of Magnesium. Magnesium is zapped when you are under stress and it is the highest reported mineral deficiency in the North American diet.  Magnesium along with Silicate is what forms Calcium in your bones.  The list of problems caused by a Magnesium deficiency as well as the list of bodily functions that require Magnesium is a mile long.  Daily intake of Cacao is your best bet.  It is the highest natural source of Magnesium on the planet and also reported as the highest source of anti oxidants until some MLM company comes up with a better one.  And I don’t mean Milk Chocolate.  I mean Raw, Unsweetened Cacao.  Put a TBLSP in your smoothies.  I don’t eat yogurt anymore but it tastes excellent in yogurt.  Other great sources of Magnesium are RAW Almonds and RAW Pumpkin Seeds.  You can order Cacao by clicking on the Sunfood banner, Navitas Naturals banner or going to your local organic market and picking some up.  I encourage you to do your own research on the benefits of Magnesium but I will elaborate a bit more in part 2.

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Photographer: Donna Mills; Mastered by: Chelsea Kindrachuk

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