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There is a universal lesson to be learned when flying that not many people recognize. Always secure your oxygen mask before helping others apply theirs. A wise Master put it into more literal text – Be the change you wish to see in the world! ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

This doesn’t just apply to your thoughts and actions but every single thing you do. If you wish for a cure to diseases of the body and mind, then reduce the amount of toxic food you consume and ask others to do the same. If you wish to cure anger, hatred and suffering then seek out the beauty in every moment and search for unconditional peace and love. Become a promoter instead of an anti-_____. Mother Theresa declined a suggestion that she join the anti-war movement and said she would be front and centre when the pro-peace movement came calling.

The primary purpose of this article is to encourage you to seek out your passion, whatever that may be, and figure out a way to turn it into your profession. Greed is a powerful temptation and too many people invest in others to make only money, before they invest in their own ambitions. Look at what happens to millions of people when the stock markets or real estate markets crash. When you invest in a company, how do you know that the principals act out of integrity or honesty rather than just the bottom line. Find the confidence within you to invest in yourself!

When you are doing what you love to do, even if it’s only in your spare time to start, reality takes on a whole new light. Fulfillment in the workplace becomes possible and your miserable job finally has meaning. Spare time will progress into part time and part time will progress into full time. PATIENCE, PASSION, PERSISTENCE. I know from personal experience that this takes a while so don’t expect things to happen over night. I can tell you however that once you take that first step towards living and working your dreams (your definite purpose), serendipitous events take place, you meet people that are on the same wavelength that are willing to help you and momentum starts to build until you are working your passion full time and actually making money!

Life is full of polarity. If you want to be selfless, you must be selfish too. You must strive to be a better person before you can ever help someone else become better. This rings true in relationships. If things are not working, put down the magnifying glass and look in the mirror.

If you haven’t checked out the video in “SUSTAINABLE DRIVERS“, Watch It!  I wrote this song as a tribute to this topic,

A great book to listen to is POUR YOUR HEART INTO IT ~ Howard Schultz (Founder of Starbucks).  While I do not drink coffee anymore (the whole toxic substance thing), Howard Schultz does a great job in testifying how important it is to strive to live your Passion through Patience and Persistence.

When you choose to live your dreams, you will inspire others to live theirs and so on.  The Unconditional Love for life and Infinite Peace you will experience, because you are waking up everyday to do what you Love to do will be Contagious!

So next time you decide to keep the headphones in one ear when the flight attendant is telling you to apply your own mask before helping others apply their’s, remember to invest in yourself, unleash your soul and share your heart with everyone you meet.

Check out this powerful video of the momentum that is created once you commit to something that is impossible to accomplish on your own but in your heart you believe to be possible!!!

All About the Love!!!

Mad Dawg Mills

Photo Taken By: Mark Mills; Mastered By: Chelsea Kindrachuk

  1. Paul Fraser11-08-10

    Great post Mills…love the song, the contents and the video. Keep em coming!

    • maddawg11-09-10

      Thanks Laser! I appreciate the support :)

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