Anytime you undertake a project or follow a path that requires you to learn as you go to reach your goal, you will always face adversity.  Know this and understand it and you will not be turned away when you are tested.

Inconveniently, adversity rarely shows its face when you are expecting it and usually shows up when its the last thing you need to deal with, as if the challenge of the task at hand wasn’t enough.

If you want to evolve as a human being then you need to learn how to deal with adversity, negative thoughts and challenges to your definite purpose.

I sometimes wonder why we get put through the fire when we pursue the road towards greatness. Are we being directed by the universe to find another path or is it just a test of our worthiness. Last time I checked, carbon put under immense heat and pressure is transformed into diamonds. DIAMONDS…a precious stone created from an abundant material you find in pencil lead!

Nobody who has ever done great things did it over night.  Even if they made it look easy, they were in the trenches, down in the dumps and overwhelmed with adversity at one or several points along the path.  Even the least likely to succeed can do it with patience, persistence and perseverance as long as they maintain the right ATTITUDE when it counts.

If you are facing adversity, don’t let it get you down.  Just this past week I took a mind numbing charlie horse to my right leg 2 days before my team selection race.  I could barely walk and it hurt to think about it, let alone be able to perform at my best.  Wasn’t the challenge of the race enough for one person to handle?  I was pretty angry at the world for a few hours but instead I talked with people I trust and respect and every person gave me great feedback instead of letting me wallow in misery.  The same night, my brother got called up to the NHL to play in L.A with the New Jersey Devils for his first regular season game….a dream he has pursued his whole life and has gone through tough times to get there.

Don’t keep things to yourself and look for solutions instead of lamenting the problem and you will turn the failure into a learning experience.  Keep an open mind so that you can see the opportunities where others see defeat and you will come out of the pressure better adapted.

Next time you feel like quitting because you are overwhelmed by adversity, remember the diamonds!

All About the Love!

Mad Dawg Mills

  1. Paul Fraser11-08-10

    I might be using the diamond analogy this week…thanks bud.

    • maddawg11-09-10

      Rock n Roll out there in Whistler Laser!

  2. Paul Fraser11-08-10

    Mills, I know of a few people that look forward to your Monday posts, and well, it’s late Monday and there’s still no post. Myself, I just started reading your posts tonight and was looking forward to the new one…where is it? When can we expect it?

    • maddawg11-09-10

      I fell asleep on the stairs last night when I should’ve been finishing the post. Will be posting today

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