For the Love of the Game


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I never liked basketball much growing up.  I pretty much enjoyed all sports except shootin hoops.  I am pretty sure its because the average height in the NBA is ~6’7″ and I am almost a foot shorter standing at 5’9″ so I never really saw it as an option to play at a high level.  Either way, basketball just wasn’t something that peaked my interest.

That being said, I found myself watching a basketball highlight show recapping what happened in 2010 the other night and something occurred to me.  Out of all the sports, basketball highlights are probably my favourite; I get jacked up when I see basketball highlights.  The sheer quality and quantity of absolutely amazing plays in the NBA blows my mind.  They far surpass that of the NFL, NHL and MLB when it comes to outstanding plays. 

Another thing, you rarely see fighting or a guy laying on the court because a player tried to intentionally hurt him. Basketball can be physical too so why is there much less outright violence than in other sports.

I started to think about why this is the case and I realized that there is a lot of love that basketball players put into their game.  If you have ever been to a basketball game, it is absolutely electric! Whenever there is an outstanding play, the players on the bench are on their feet as is the crowd and there are far more outstanding plays than in any other sport I can think of.

It would be amazing to see what would happen if more sports were played for the love of the game instead of the desire to snag a bigger contract.

All About the Love!

Mad Dawg Mills

  1. Mark Mills12-27-10

    YE he just threw it down! YE

  2. maddawg12-27-10

    I know. I was giddy with delight watching the highlights the other night. Its unreal how high they fly and slam it down with authority. So Wicked

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