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If you haven’t already introduced your body to these foods, then you should consider checking them out and giving them a chance to re-vitalize your system.  There are some common and not so common ingredients in the list.  If you consider them common, then consider consuming them more often.  I guarantee you will feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.


Oh ye delicious chocolate, fill my soul with warmth and my mouth with watering goodness.  Dark chocolate is good and Raw/unsweetened is ideal.  Extremely high source of magnesium of which the majority of the population is deficient.  Without being technical,  Magnesium makes everything run good.  Cacao is also the highest known source of antioxidants….And no, Mars bars do not count as a legitimate source of Cacao.


This Peruvian Adaptogen root vegetable is the highest altitude crop in the world and grows at elevations in excess of 3500m.  It is Extremely rich in Amino Acids and Fatty Acids and is amazing for endocrine support and hormonal balance.  This is one of my favourites for sure.  Look for it in your organic market or health food store or check out Organic Maca at

Hemp Seeds

Great source of amino acids and essential fatty acids.  They make any salad taste better and mix well into smoothies.  And no, they will not make you fail a drug test!


Blue-Green / Green Algae….I call this the Buckley’s of the health food movement.  Taste’s horrible but it works!  Try mixing in Cinnamon if you are putting Spirulina into your smoothies. Great source of amino acids with a high absorption rate and a very effective way to get your greens.  Check out the informational link on Spirulina or the video.  This ingredient definitely goes a long way towards supporting your liver/kidneys, helping to keep the body clean.

Citrus Fruits

Eat more of these to stay healthy and happy.  Organic and raw Grapefruits, Oranges, Kiwi’s, Tangerines, Lemons, Limes.  Support the Liver and everything gets better ie.  Physical/Mental/ Spiritual performance.  Next time you are feeling particularly testy, have some citrus fruit and see how your mood changes….


Among the best to keep the kidneys working at an optimal level.  Your kidneys regulate your fluids and blood pressure and need all the help they can get.  Next time you have lower/mid back discomfort, try eating a couple handfuls of organic grapes, drink some water and see how you feel….


I don’t care what anyone says, next to air, Water is the greatest thing you can give your body.  Drink Fluoride free Spring Water.  Do your liver and kidneys a favour and drink more water.  Enough said.

All About the Love!

Mad Dawg Mills

  1. Donna Mills01-03-11

    Thanks so much for the reminders! Health and Happiness to you and your family. It’s all about the Chocolate:)

  2. Spirulina01-03-11

    I use Spirulina/ Chlorella daily, but its interesting to hear some of your other recommendations, I think I will try a few this year :-)

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